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Sound Healing

Come indulge in a deep relaxing meditative Sound Healing Session. You will lay on a comfortable, temperature – controlled bed, a sound healer will play singing bowls and other sound healing instruments that let off vibrations to help align your mind, body, and spirit. The Sound Healer may also step around your meditation space and may place bowls on you. 

Just like everything else in our universe, our bodies have energy within, that vibrates at specific frequencies. When you realign those frequencies, it allows our energies to become unblocked and grounded. Sound Healing could help with many things such as anxiety, depression, improve sleep, help with pain, have fewer mood swings, and more!

***Please note that as Sound Healers, we do not claim to be medical professionals or therapists. Sound Healing is not a substitute for seeking medical advice and care. We encourage you to consult with a qualified healthcare provider if you have any health concerns.

*** Individuals with epilepsy, a mechanical device such as a pacemaker or heart monitor, and pregnant women should avoid having singing bowls placed directly on their bodies.

Private Sessions w/ Monica

These sessions allow you to target any blocked energy you may have and release it, or you can touch upon all the chakras. It may take more than one session to unblock your targeted energy. If you wish to share your experience with your Sound Healer, we will email you personalized information regarding what your experience means within 48 hours.

  • 30 Minute Session – $ 65
  • 60 Minute Session – $125 – Includes a FREE gift
  • Couples – $ 230 – Includes a FREE gift for 2.
Private Sessions w/ Jess

Sound Healing Massage 1 Hour $110

Singing bowls will be placed on and around you as the vibrations and sound reinstates health and wellbeing by restoring the natural frequencies of the body, mind, and energy. A singing bowl will also be used on the legs, arms and chest pinpointing any blockages. Deeply Relaxing and Meditative. Leave feeling energized and restored. Free gift included.


Sound Healing (By itself or as a Massage Add-On) 30 Minutes $55           

5 singing bowls will be used on and around you harmonizing the body, mind, and energy. Deeply Relaxing and Meditative. This is great by itself or as an Add-on to any service whether you are receiving a massage, going to a facial or getting your hair or nails done. This service will leave you feeling energized, balanced, and ready to take on the day! (And the pampering!)


Sound Healing (Massage Add-On) 15 Minutes $30

3 singing bowls will be placed on and around the body. This Add-On service is perfect for those who find it difficult to settle down and relax soon after getting on to the massage table. This service can help you unwind and prepare your mind and your body to receive massage along with all of the benefits of the massage itself.

Sound Healing (By itself or as a Massage Add-On)
Let the sound of five singing bowls harmonize your body, mind, and energy. This deeply relaxing and meditative experience can be enjoyed by itself or added to a massage service, such as a massage, facial, or hair or nail treatment. You’ll leave feeling energized, balanced, and ready to take on the day (and the pampering!)
  • 30 Minutes – $55
Sound Healing (Massage Add-On)

Let the sound of three singing bowls transport you to a state of deep relaxation. This add-on service is perfect for those who find it difficult to settle down and relax soon after getting on to the massage table. The bowls will be placed on and around your body, and the vibrations will help to unwind your mind and body, preparing you to receive the full benefits of your massage.

The sound of the singing bowls is said to have a calming and meditative effect. The vibrations from the bowls can help to release tension and stress, improve circulation, and promote deep relaxation. This service can be a great way to prepare for a massage, as it can help you to relax and let go of any tension or stress that you may be carrying.

If you are looking for a way to relax and de-stress, I encourage you to try this add-on service. It is a great way to prepare for a massage, and it can also be enjoyed on its own. You may find that you leave feeling more relaxed, energized, and balanced.

  • 15 Minutes – $30


Indulge in Ultimate relaxation with a hands-on massage and Sound Healing.

-One massage therapist -One Sound Healer using singing bowls

-Indulge in Ultimate relaxation with a hands-on massage and Sound Healing.

Bowls will not be placed on you during this session, but your Sound Healer may walk around your relaxing meditative space. This Sound Healing session will touch upon all 7 Chakras. Share your experience with your sound healer and get a personalized meaning of your experience emailed to you within 48 hours. Receive a FREE gift at time of service!

  • Price of massage + $50/person for 30-minute massages
  • Price of massage + $110/person for 60-minute massages

Sound Baths

A group experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and balanced. We will use the sound of singing bowls to resonate with your chakras, helping to clear any blockages and restore your natural state of well-being. Please bring a yoga mat, light blanket, small pillow, and water. Signing up is required.

  • $35 Fee

Our Sound Baths are in high demand, so please sign up early to reserve your spot! If our Sound Baths are at max capacity, please send us a request here to be placed on our waiting list. In the event someone cancels, we will contact you!

Our next two sound baths are Nov 19th, from 2:30-3:30pm.

You can sign up online and pay through PayPal. Please note that we only have a max of 14 sign ups per sound bath.

Private Groups

Have a group that wants to take part in a Sound Bath? Hosting a party of 6 guests? Receive your session for FREE. 

  • Guests are $35/person

*Host a party of 10 plus guests, to receive a FREE Session and gift, plus guests are only $30/person.

You may contact Monica directly by email [email protected] to arrange a Private Group Sound Bath.

Sound Bath Dates

Nov 19th – 2:30-3:30pm.

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